CAS Workshop for IENs

Are you struggling to complete a
Competency Assessment Supplement (CAS)?

We recommend enrolling in CARE Centre’s CAS workshop!


  • Identify the competencies related to the elements of communication, critical
    inquiry, problem solving, leadership, research, assessment, health promotion
    and ethical/legal/social/political considerations
  • Classify the unmet CAS competencies to reflect elements
  • Use the nursing process and critical thinking as a framework to structure CAS
  • Identify past experiences that can be applicable to a scenario
  • Describe what a rationale is
  • Provide rationale for each intervention and identify the competencies included
    in the scenario
  • Know the factors/questions to be considered in developing scenario
  • Develop CAS scenarios

WHAT: 3-day CAS Workshop
WHERE: CARE Centre for IENs – Toronto Office
WHEN: March 15th, 22th, 28th, 2016 10:00am – 3:30pm
LOCATION: 620 Wilson Ave., Suite 200
REGISTRATION: Call 416-226-2800 ext. 221
COST: $150 (CARE Centre Member)/$300 (Non-members)

If you are currently assigned a Case Manager at CARE, contact her for further