Right to Health Care Coalition

Sign the Postcard and Eliminate the 3-Month Wait for OHIP

CARE Centre is a member of the Right to Health Care Coalition, a growing group of health and social service organizations that advocate for the removal of barriers and injustices that restrict access to health care for Ontario residents – including the three month Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) wait period for immigrants.

Due to the three month waiting period, many new immigrants are forced to pay for health care out of pocket, in some cases incurring great financial debt at a time when they are trying to establish a new life for themselves and their family in Ontario. Others delay seeking necessary medical care, resulting in the need for much more serious and costly treatment in the future.

Please consider supporting efforts to abolish the wait period by signing one of the “Campaign 2011” postcards that are available at the Toronto and Hamilton CARE Centre reception desks. You may either mail the completed card directly to Premier McGuinty, to your MPP or return to CARE Centre reception for delivery.

Don’t forget to visit the Right to Health Care Coalition website: http://accessalliance.ca

Find your MPP: http://www.ontariotenants.ca/government/mpp.phtml