New Member Orientation & Professional Development

CARE Centre welcomes new members to the organization with a group intake session called New Member Orientation (NMO). IENs will learn more specific details about CARE Centre’s programs and services, and share their own nursing and immigration experiences with each other. This helps IENs find support from within their own group on their journey to registration, along with building their close relationship with their one-on-one CARE Centre case manager.

After the NMO, CARE Centre offers a Professional Development workshop, open to all members, further increasing the new IENs’ circle of colleagues in the program. The Professional Development topics cover a range of subject matter, covering the Ontario nursing sector, clinical skills such as IV Therapy or Diabetes Management, or life skills, such as learning about finances, coping with change and other adaptations for New Canadians.

CARE Centre members readily stay in contact after they have achieved licensure and obtained employment, as many are eager to continue to share their knowledge, experience and networking connections. CARE Centre helps bring IENs together through our regional offices, also offering the chance to connect with area educators and employers and newcomer IENs. CARE Centre also reaches out to various communities from the main source countries of our membership such as the Farsi-speaking community or Filipino groups.

There are many opportunities for registered and working CARE Centre members to “give back”, such as serving on the board of directors in two member-specific positions. Many of CARE Centre’s “alumni” have joined the volunteer organizing committee for the annual Conference for IENs, taking roles on the programming, fundraising or marketing committees. Member IENs have also submitted Abstracts for conference presentations, effectively enhancing the research aspects of their nursing careers.